NAME: All Things Air  

COLLABORATORS: Lichens CitiSci, USDA USFS National Air Resource Management Program, Department of State Student Internship Program 

LOCATION: Washington D.C. + USA

DATE RANGE: 2021-2023

THE WHAT: All Things Air is both an audio series and a few essays making the work in air quality more accessible to a non-expert audience. Department of State Interns interviewed experts and they researched air quality topics to help them develop these communication outputs. The USFS Air Program supported their research and the development of their work. 

IMPACT: The Department of State Interns were able to work with air quality specialists and experts on a variety of topics to enhance their understanding. They also created products that help share some of the invisible work in air quality.

Kiran Sheth spearheaded this audio series with support from Karen Dillman and Hanna Mesraty. 

Alexia Prosperi + Prescribed Fire
In this podcast, I talked to Alexia Prosperi who is an Air Quality Specialist working on prescribed fires and smoke management. Alexia understands the importance of communicating findings with surrounding neighborhoods and strives to provide transparency with the public. If you want to hear more about how fires actually help the environment and her role, listen on!

Trent Wickman + Air Pollution Impacts
Trent Wickman is an Air Resource Advisor who researches smoke and re management, but also industrial air pollution! In this podcast, Trent and I talk about the relationship between air pollution and how that impacts various bodies of water, along with how people interact with the environment. If you want to hear more about the intersection of the atmosphere and water quality, listen on!

Andrea Nick + Air Quality 
Andrea Nick is an Air Resource Specialist who has an enormous amount of knowledge about the history of air quality and control. Andrea has experience in wilderness air quality assessments and loves to talk about how air quality relates to larger issues. She loves to gure out new and unique ways to preserve national parks and enjoys interacting with the public to get the job done!

Janice Peterson + Her Air Journey
After 40 years working for the Air Program, Janice Peterson is retiring. In this podcast, we take a look back at some of her most impactful journeys. She attributes working for the Air Program as one of the most formative experiences of her life. She shares the best advice that she has obtained after her years of working for the Air Program and has high hopes for the future of air quality!

David Gay + Air Quality Over Time
In this podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking to David Gay, the coordinator of the National Atmospheric Deposition Program at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Over the past years, he has been able to see how air quality has evolved over time and oers many insights on how to remedy some of the problems that we are facing currently as a society.

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